This is a free app for Windows. Chibi Yaoyao lives in your desktop.    


I open commission to draw your OCC and make it into the app,  the same like Chibi Yaoyao app:

  • Price: $200 (include art + rigging + aap)  
  • The app has 3 emotions, +$20 for a new emotion.       
  • Rigging: breath, blink, tracking the mouse, sleep and 3 emotions 
  • Full-size chibi, price can vary based on details.
  • I may ask you 50% price before sketching, and you can pay me full payment after receiving the sketch.
  • After you're okay with the color illustration, I'll start to make the app.
  • The app is for Windows only, try Chibi Yaoyao first if it runs smooth in your PC.
  • Product: include the app (without source code),  illustration file .psd (split body parts)   
  • The app is for personal use only, but you can use the artwork for commercial or vtuber model.  

Payment method: I prefer to Paypal(USD). The transaction fee will be paid by you.

I also open commission for illustration 2D card game, rigging Live2D and Vtuber full-size model . 

Contact me: